Privacy Policy


Pryde recognizes that privacy is an integral element for every user. This privacy policy is relevant to the use of both, our mobile apps and website as well.

We Don’t Collect Any Personal Information

We are not in requirement of any kind of personal information for adding to any one of our apps for effective app use. Although personal information may be added, it is not sent to Pryde Voice and Speech Therapy or brought into use by Pryde Voice and Speech in any way. Any kind of personal information that gets locally stored on the device is for the intended use of the primary user as well as the app owner for educational purposes only. Pryde Voice and Speech Therapy app has no access to the data as it is not transmitted to Pryde Voice and Speech  Therapy app. Data can be deleted anytime by the user or at the specific request of a supervisor or even a parent. Sensitive data is not transmitted. For the data that gets transmitted, it gets anonymized to be sent securely by using the predefined industry standards for encrypted data transfer.

Email Us to Reach Out

We allow all users to connect with us for app support. If you request support for any of our applications, we use this provided information to help troubleshoot the issue. Any kind of information you share with us via email is not used in any other way than to help in the resolution of the issue related to the raised support request.


If you’d like to register for all our email announcements we will be requiring your email address. When you provide us with your email address to receive the updates from us (Pryde Voice and Speech Therapy), your address will be used only for that sole purpose as mentioned. Your email is NEVER used for any other marketing or data collection purpose.

Third-Party Website Links

We may provide links to different third-party websites (such as social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook). We are in no way responsible and accountable for the privacy practices or content that goes on these websites.

Contact Us

In case you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please write to us at: