Transgender/Gender Voice Modification

Voice modification is about creating a difference in the voice, not fixing a disorder. The session is highly individualized based on personal preference.

Voice Disorders

Various vocal disorders cause similar symptoms which decrease overall vocal quality. It is important to meet with an ENT prior to beginning a voice therapy program in order to receive proper diagnosis and determine if surgery is necessary. Voice therapy may be enough to eliminate vocal nodules, but may not be adequate on it’s own if pathologies such as vocal cysts or polyps are present. I am certified as a Voice Therapy Spectrum Clinical Provider (Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy (LMRVT) and Casper-Stone Confidential Flow Therapy (CSCFT)).

Articulation Disorders

Assessment and intervention for misarticulated sounds and phonological processes for adults and children. Targeting articulation can be highly monotonous, so I create games/activities based on your child’s interests to increase engagement, compliance, and success.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

In-home therapy targeting increased language development, expressive and/or receptive language skills, pragmatic language, social and functional communication. It is important to know your child’s interests ahead of time so I am prepared with an arsenal of awe-inspiring fun that is sure to keep them in the same room for the duration of the session, or at least most of it.



Transgender/Gender Spectrum Voice Modification

common aspects targeted: